Gift of Grain or Livestock | Foundation for Blue Valley Lutheran Homes

Steps to Making a Charitable Gift of Grain or Livestock

Gift of Grain | Foundation for Blue Valley Lutheran Homes | nebraska nursing care homesGifting grain or livestock is a creative way to support Blue Valley Lutheran Homes and is often underutilized as a tax savings option. Many farmers have found that they can save significant taxes by contributing grain or livestock to a non-profit organization instead of selling the commodity and then making a cash contribution.

There are specific steps to follow in order to receive the intended tax benefits from a gift of grain or livestock.  As a donor, you need to ensure that ownership of the gifted grain or livestock is transferred prior to sale; if ownership is not transferred, the IRS will consider the sale of the grain or livestock your income and will treat your gift as a cash contribution.

Download the Gift of Livestock Form

Download the Gift of Grain Form

Again, thank you so much for remembering the Foundation for Blue Valley Lutheran Homes with a gift of grain! It is because of generous supporters like you that Blue Valley Lutheran Homes is able to continue its mission of compassionate Christian care for the elderly. Please contact us at 768-3916 if you have further questions.